Buying At Estate Sales – What To Be Aware Of

ShoppingEstate Sales News encourages the public to buy at estate sales and if the liquidator offers delivery or shipping they usually follow through without incident. We have done this many times and been extremely satisfied.

However Estate Sales News made a purchase recently and this has not worked out as planned.  An item was purchased, paid for with a credit card, was to be shipped, and now three weeks later the item has not arrived. Text messages to the estate sale company have been sent several times with no response and two phone calls were made that were answered, however, the item has yet to arrive and neither has the shipping info as well.  Most estate sale companies deal in good faith with their customers.

When you put your trust in an estate sale company you should follow up and be sure to post positive feedback for good customer service. Estate sale companies care about their reputation. Buyers just like sellers can always search reviews on the internet, however, there isn’t always time and if negative feedback is posted it let’s future sellers know about the companies practices and ethics.

As a buyer or seller posting feedback on Google, Yahoo, Yelp, Yellow Pages and other sites is valuable information for future sellers and buyers. Your reviews should be truthful, explain the service rendered to you, and not done with bias.