Don’t Sell Or Donate Anything Until You Talk A Professional Liquidator

Estate Sales NewsEstate Sales News has heard from sellers and estate sale companies about the unhappy results of selling items or making donations prior to speaking with a professional liquidator.

Many times families or individuals will not know the true value of items that can be achieved at an estate sale and they will decide they can “save some money” by not paying a commission and selling items on their own. Recently we heard a seller state with great regret that they sold a car prior to having an estate liquidator come in and the amount they received was greatly under value. They then hired an estate sale company to sell the rest of the estate.  The liquidator researched the information provided by the owner about the car and told them the value it should have brought at an estate sale. Even with paying the liquidator a commission the sellers would have received more.

One of the ways that an estate sale can generate greater financial results is the creation of a buying competition. Another very important difference is that the public feels more inclined to try hard negotiating with sellers as compared to negotiating with estate sale professionals who deal with the public weekly.

Another concern is donations. Donating to charity is always worthy, however, knowing the value of what you are donating can help you with your charitable contribution for tax purposes or prevent you from donating something of considerable value that you may wish to sell. Again working with a professional liquidator can answer many questions and concerns.