Estate Sales In Bad Weather Require Extra Care & Consideration

 SnowstormWinter weather can wreak havoc with estate sales. Not only can it prevent people from attending the sale, but consideration must be given to what happens to the property during inclement weather.

If you live where snow or ice is an issue a discussion should take place between the estate sale company and the heir, executor, attorney, or seller as to who will take care of details like plowing the driveway, shoveling the sidewalk, spreading salt or sand on the exterior. It should be clear to all parties if plowing or shoveling is needed when this will be done and who is in charge of it. Safety is a prime concern for both parties involved. An estate sale company should also make certain that the owner or seller of the property has liability insurance to cover slips, trips, and falls.

Then comes the decision about the interior. How to protect carpeting and wood floors, ( brown paper or plastic and who pays for it) how to prevent slipping and sliding on stairs, and wiping feet in the initial rush as the door opens for the first time.

Estate sale companies and sellers should discuss these topics and during the winter perhaps include the decisions reached on an addendum to prevent misunderstandings.