First Impressions For Estate Sale Sellers – Dress For Success

IntroductionEstate Sales News has been preparing for the Estate Sale Conference next month in Memphis, TN and our discussion on estate sale contracts.  We thought about the initial meeting and introduction of sellers and estate liquidators. When the seller opens the door he/she will look at the person(s) standing there.

Along with a hello, name introduction, and presentation of a business card the seller will observe how you dressed for your face to face interview. It really isn’t different than an interview for an office job, although a suit or dress isn’t necessary. The seller should see a well groomed individual dressed tastefully and with a professional appearance. In rare instances an appointment may have to follow the set-up or staging of another sale, but you should still have time to clean up and groom your appearance.

Competition amongst estate sale companies is strong today so every phase of the process is important. Along with the face to face interview, how the estate liquidator and staff dress for the actual days of the sale is also important. Branding either by aprons, shirts, hats, etc. are being used more and more by estate sale owners and their staffs. Keeping the estate sale business professional is a priority for the majority of estate liquidators.