Is It An Estate Sale, Moving Sale, or Tag Sale?

questions and answersThe term estate sale has become very generic for any kind of liquidation involving personal contents.

There are differences although the lines have become somewhat blurred. . An estate sale is for a deceased person and that usually means that everything in the estate sale must be sold by the end of the sale. The estate heir(s), executors(s) or attorney usually want the property cleaned out by the end of the sale.

A moving sale is usually required by sellers who are downsizing or relocating and may or may not sell all the items in the property and who may want to discuss some price minimums on some items.  This isn’t always the case, but may be.

A tag sale can be a moving sale or estate sale. In many parts of the country because the items for sale in the house are tagged they call it a tag sale.

So as we approach the third weekend of 2014 are you attending an estate sale, moving sale or tag sale? Keep in mind that the majority of liquidation companies have adopted the term estate sale not only for their sales, but as part of their company names. In 10 years times have changed and the manner in which liquidations take place keeps evolving.