What Really Counts For Estate Sales? Volume Of Sales Or Seller Satisfaction

successWith 5,000+ estate sale companies currently active in the United States every company operates under their own definition of success. Which raises the question what really is success?

Last year at the 2013 Estate Sales Conference in St. Louis Estate Sales News met two women from the Midwest who only run 5 or 6 sales a year and that was their choice, but they felt successful because they and their sellers were happy.

There are other companies that run a liquidation sale every week and a few that run up to five estate sales every weekend when possible, so what defines success?

Estate Sales News would suggest that success is a combination of attributes. Keeping the seller satisfied with performance and financial results, not having poor or bad reviews posted on the internet by sellers or buyers (at least without responses that rectify the complaint) and financial success for the estate sale company and resulting testimonial or referral from a seller.

Success cannot or should not be judge solely by the number of sales conducted. 200+ sales a year with complaints or dissatisfied sellers is not an accomplishment, but merely a way of earning a lot of money for the estate liquidator. It is business and finances do count, but without a sellers best interest and results as a primary consideration, success is of little consequence.

Just like commission the number of sales conducted by an estate sale company is not nearly as important as the satisfaction of past sellers.