Estate Sale Friday And Super Bowl Weekend

football score boardThe last Friday in January and hundreds of estate sales begin today. Many estate sale companies are concerned about the impact of Super Bowl weekend.

The Super Bowl doesn’t take place until Sunday. Yes, for many Americans it has become an all day party day, but for many other Americans the daytime part of Sunday will be like any other Sunday. There will be people attending church services, others grocery shopping, catching up on something as simple as laundry and for those that attend estate sales if there is a sale in their area they will attend. Sunday estate sales tend to open a little later in the morning and close a little earlier in the afternoon.

If you are conducting an estate sale this weekend this was an opportunity to utilize the “keyword” Super Bowl in your newspaper, internet, and social media advertising. Keywords especially on the internet attract search engines. For example an internet ad could say “watch the Super Bowl on the 42 inch flat screen TV that you can buy at our estate sale Friday”.

Being innovative when competing for attention whether it is a big event, competitor, or weather is key for the professional liquidator.