Photographs for estate sales

Have you looked for estate sales on a site like or Most estate sales companies take photos to encourage buyers to come to their sales. The question is do the photographs compliment the items for sale? The number of sales that can now be uploaded on many sites has gone up drastically. One recent estate sale had over 2,000 photos.

Photos should bring interest, but too many photos may cause buyers to lose interest. Like when you Google something the majority of people using the internet never get past page 1 although there may be thousands of pages on the subject.

Many times an estate liquidator will take some early photos to post on the internet to start gathering momentum for the estate sale, however, if the photos appear blurred, in multiples of the same object or of a group of cluttered items rather than a staged set-up it may not be garnishing the interest that was hoped for.

Photographs of merchandise for sale should be clear, distinguishable and not in multiples of the same object unless to show marks or condition.

dining room photoStaging your estate sale





If you are considering having a liquidation sale you might ask the estate sales companies you are interviewing to see a sample of some of their photographs or check the companies photos out on,, or