Estate Liquidation – The Need To Know and Do List

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Estate liquidation is becoming such a huge entrepreneurial business and with thousands of companies already in the market place and more and more coming on line everyday it is time to assess how you approach having an estate sale.

We suggest the following list to follow:

  • What is an estate sale? Understand the process and what it is.
  • Where to find an estate sale company. Look at listing sites for estate sale companies.
  • What to look at and for in an estate sale company. Researching companies.
  • The telephone interview and the face to face interview.
  • Choosing the estate sale company that works for you in ethics and comfort.
  • Estate sale contract. What to look for and expect.
  • Preparing the property and letting the estate sale company do their job.
  • The sale is over and now it’s clean out and pay out time.
  • Leaving feedback on the company you used. Good, bad, or indifferent.

This is a very simplified list, but if you utilize all the resources here on Estate Sales News you should find answers to your questions and if you don’t email us at

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