Having An Estate Sale And You’re Still In Your Home?

HouseOne of the more difficult situations for an estate sale company to handle is when the seller is still living in the home. You are attached to your belongings, your home appears to you to be turned upside down (so to speak) with the staging for the sale and you can’t believe some of the prices you see because you paid more than that.

Having been an estate liquidator for 25 years your Estate Sales News editor, encountered this dilemma several times. It isn’t easy for a homeowner or estate sale company, but the reality is that if you the seller have made the decision to have an estate sale and you have chosen a professional utilizing all the resources and knowledge available to you to make a wise decision you should be prepared to vacate the property and let the estate sale people do what you hired them for.

Being there only causes more stress for you with parting with items you wish you could keep or didn’t want to. A home needs to be prepared and set-up to obtain optimal results and in many instances (unless it is a valuable antique, highly collectible, rare, or unique) what you paid for most items is not going to be what they will resell for. The key word being resell. Think of it as second hand.

Misunderstandings, hurt feelings, and in some cases arguments can occur when a seller insists on being in the property and getting involved. Remember the reason you hired an estate sale company was because they are professionals in liquidating contents and you aren’t.

Many estate sale companies are instituting changes to their fees because of these issues. More work results in higher costs for the estate sale company and this will in many cases come back as an additional fee or charge. This should, however, be included in a company’s contract so that you are fully aware and you have made the decision to pay more. There are estate sale companies that will not accept a sale with a seller in place and there is nothing wrong with that. They know what works best for their business.

Remember you want the liquidation process whether it is for settling an estate, moving, or downsizing to be as stress free as possible and all of this should be considered to help you ease through the transition.