A New Concept And Company – Lofty.Com – Can Assist Estate Liquidators

At the 2014 Estate Sale Conference in Memphis there was a room devoted to vendors that could assist estate liquidators and one of them was Lofty.com. They offer a unique service that can be used by estate sale companies and others. Estate Sales News is featuring this guest article on this new concept and company as an item of interest.

The article below was written by John Maher an Evaluations Expert of Lofty.com

Lofty.com a new online resource, provides a free virtual evaluation service and sales venue that can assist estate liquidators.

Founded in 2012 by Harvard Business School graduate Mark Lurie, Lofty is an expert-reviewed marketplace for Fine and Decorative Art, Antiques and Collectibles that provides free evaluations based on digital photos. Every item on the site has been identified and virtually evaluated by a member of Lofty’s Expert Network, which includes auction house specialists, qualified appraisers, and experienced dealers. 

Mark was inspired to develop Lofty when a friend asked for help selling a few prints and some 19th century silver she’d inherited, and he realized how difficult it was to sell potentially valuable items online with confidence and ease. eBay was the obvious option, but he didn’t know how to accurately describe the items or where to set prices. The pieces in question weren’t valuable enough to take to a large auction house, as the cost and effort involved in shipping and preparing them for sale likely would not have been worth the prices they would have realized. Prompted by this apparent gap in the art market, Mark set out to create a site which would allow anyone with access to the internet to confidently sell their art and antiques online.

Lofty does not sell the entire contents of an estate, but it can serve as a useful tool for estate liquidators looking to sell one or several objects that might perform better if exposed to a broader market. Chinese ceramics, for example, may only realize their full potential when offered to the Asian market, and paintings by well known artists may achieve much higher prices when offered on a global scale to eager collectors made aware of the sale online at Lofty.com

Estate liquidators have a highly complex job on their hands each time they sign a new client, but grossing the maximum possible profit is always one of the business owner’s primary responsibilities to the estate owner. While years of experience can give estate liquidators a good knowledge of an item’s worth, having a trusted expert provide additional insight and giving your item more extensive publicity may result in a higher price obtained and a better result for the seller

You can visit their website, www.Lofty.com.