TV Shows – Estate Sale Finds – Prop Warehouse Warner Bros.

Last week Estate Sales News was in southern California.

In June we visited the prop warehouse at Universal Studios. On Monday last week we visited the prop warehouse of Warner Bros. Studios. We put together a slide show of our photograph many where they store props used on various television shows and some purchased through estate sales. Television shows do not necessarily have to use what may be in the prop warehouse where they are shooting the TV show. The studios in Hollywood rent out their sound stages to almost anyone so you could be filming a CBS show at a studio not necessarily affiliated with CBS.

Today many sitcoms are featuring retro looks, i.e. lighting, furniture, appliances, etc. and if one prop warehouse at a studio doesn’t have it another one might.

The next time you are in an estate sale or tag sale take a good look around. You never know where you may see some of those treasures next.