Estate Sales – Sellers What You Need To Provide To Estate Liquidators

homeLast week at the Estate Sale Conference estate liquidators were educated on a variety of topics and requirements to help them be successful companies.

Perspective sellers whether you are a homeowner, heir, attorney, or executor there are some requirements that estate liquidators need from you.

Any property should have a liability policy on it. If not the estate sale company has a good reason to turn down your sale. A good recommendation would be to have a copy of your policy or binder to show them if they ask to see one.

Estate sale companies need to have electric and water at all times during the set-up (staging) and sale and this includes a usable commode (for their use only). They will spend many hours and days and they have to have basics. That also includes heat in the cooler or cold weather depending on your location. Being able to look over items, clean them if they require, and be in a healthy atmosphere is very important.

They will also require access to do what you have hired them as professionals to do.

If you live in a winter climate most will require you to provide snow removal if necessary. It is a liability issue for both seller and company as well as necessary for buyers to gain access to the property.

Most if not all of the above mentioned requirements will probably be included in their contract/agreement or on an addendum.

Success comes from both parties facilitating the process and working together to strive for satisfying financial results.