Looking For An Estate Sale Company?

If you live in metro areas where there are numerous estate sale companies (or even just a handful) and you have time before you need a liquidation sale you may want to attend some of the sales being conducted by estate sale companies you are considering. Look at the various estate sale listing sites: EstateSales.NET, EstatesSale.org, Estatesale.com, Tagsellit.com to name a few.

Seeing how they work and handle sales can be very informative and provide a perspective about what you could expect at your sale. You can observe how their staff works with buyers, the check out process, the way they provide security, and how they control crowds.

All of this can be a great asset to you as you work through the decision process for the estate sale company you will hire.

Consider visiting a sale, however, if you do attend a sale, do not interfere or in anyway inhibit the estate sale company as it works for another seller. Remember that estate sale companies have a fiduciary relationship with their sellers and they are working for them, not buyers.