Estate Sales – What’s Happening?

Estate Sale signAs we begin this Monday estate sale liquidators across the country are busy with consultations, staging, pricing, and getting ready for another weekend of sales.

Some are also wrapping up the loose ends at this past weekends estate sales.

One of the vendors at the Estate Sale Conference was selling shrink wrap equipment for use at estate liquidations. The gentleman was kept busy all three days of the conference so whether you are in the east, mid-west, south, or west don’t be surprised to see shrink wrap being applied. A safe way to protect and in some cases show case valuable items.

In southern California and in Florida the tents are up in the driveways to facilitate check out and provide extra space in the property. This requires extra help to make sure all items are accounted for, but it certainly does speed the process and help with the congestion that can occur as you pay for your merchandise.

Buyers take note that more and more estate liquidators will not allow purses or bags on the initial walk thru of the property. Your editor has left her bag in the car locked on several occasions. Don’t approach a sale in a confrontational state of mind.

A buyers tip for attending sales going back to our article on buying etiquette several months ago stay focused on what you are looking for and don’t get concerned with what has sold. Don’t miss your opportunity to find a treasure wasting time with another person’s purchase. Stay focused so you don’t miss anything.