Estate Sale Or Event – Depends On The Estate Sale Company

More and more estate sale companies are calling their estate sales events.

One reason may be that an event can be a tag or moving sale as opposed to the term estate (formerly used for deceased individuals only).

As the estate or moving liquidation business has blossomed the word estate has become a general purpose term.  Some companies are even utilizing living estate to indicate the owner(s) still alive.

Calling a sale an event can attract some buyers because it gives a more dramatic description than an estate sale, however, some prefer an estate sale because it sounds like older items that now have to be sold. Either description is acceptable and usable.

Back in 1987 when the editor started her liquidation business we had house sales and estate sales. The term house meant someone was still living. That term and others  isn’t used as frequently with the advent of listing websites for estate sales. i.e. EstateSales.Net, and to mention just three. One generic term for the liquidation of mostly personal property.

One important item to consider is using the term over and over in all forms of advertising to be consistent and attract the bots from the various search engines. They play a large part in attracting buyers and sellers to websites and that affects your financial bottom line either selling or buying.