Estate Sale Reviews – Not All Websites Are Equal

Estate Sales News has been receiving a flood of requests for joining websites for business listings and reviews and also receiving numerous unsolicited emails from companies that claim not all our information is listed. If this is happening to Estate Sales News it is also happening to estate sale companies.

Here are a few suggestions. Google and Yahoo are free for you to post a review on. They may require you to have a gmail or ymail address, but no fee is required. Yelp and Yext require fees from companies. We hear daily from them wanting us to “verify” and of course pay.

A good or bad review should be able to be placed without a fee and should be available to an estate sale company to respond to. Not all poor reviews are justified. Sometimes it can be a disgruntled customer who was unsatisfied with something as simple as a price or discount. Sellers and buyers should be able to post reviews along with the ability for an estate sale company to respond.

Reviews greatly influence what happens at many sales. When posting a review try to keep focused on what was good or not and avoid the pitfall of a rant. The same applies to responses from estate sale companies. If you are a seller it is still highly suggested that you talk to a previous client of the company by telephone. Ask them what they thought of the service, staff, advertising etc. Hearing directly is still the best testimonial of all.

If you come across estate sale company websites that do not change their testimonials ask yourself why. Do they not spend time working on their site or have someone do it for them. Up to date reviews are important because they reflect current productivity and satisfaction. If no reviews are listed ask the company for telephone numbers and where you can read reviews.

Knowledge is empowerment and your financial success is involved.