Professional Ideas For Estate Sale Companies – Impress Your Public

hand outEstate Sales News recently visited a sale in Maryland. We were impressed by the professionalism demonstrated by the company running the sale.

Starting with the numbers handed out. They were on preprinted  cards. The card also included their website, reminded them to sign up for emails from them and on this card included the address of the property.  As you entered the property they were collected and no one could mistake which numbers were the official ones for the sale.

They also passed out a printed 8×11 black and white sheet of paper with each room of the house listed including the basement and garage and what major items you could expect to find i.e. dining room – china, dining set, figurines (elephants, frogs).

This guide certainly simplified where to go for the items of interest.

Before the door opened for business the gentleman running the sale came out and spoke with the crowd of people waiting to get into the sale. He asked trivia questions, talked about the sale and made the opening quite pleasant with most everyone waiting (over 100) in a happy and friendly mood.

Setting the stage for an estate sale is almost as important as staging the interior.

Being a professional from start to finish impresses sellers and buyers.