Why Hire A Professional Estate Liquidator? Help Prevent Theft

esate sale moneyWKRG from Mobile, AL and reporter Blake Brown recently covered an estate sale robbery conducted during the estate sale.

Professional estate sale liquidators are keenly aware of the problems that can occur at estate sales and the most important one is theft. Knowing what and who to watch for, suspicious behavior, keeping money safe as it accumulates during the sale, all of this is part of the job of the professional estate sale liquidator.

Although there are many books and videos available about how to conduct your own estate sale, for so many reasons, not the least of which is theft protection is a great reason to hire a professional estate sale company with experience and references.

It isn’t just about locked show and display cases. In today’s world understanding peoples behavior is also important. Knowing how to keep the money collected secure and protected is paramount.

It would be prudent to ask during a phone interview or face to face interview if the company has ever encountered a theft issue and how they handle it.

Click Here for link to video and article by Blake Brown from WKRG