May Estate Sales – Holidays, Special Events – What Sellers Need To Know

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May is in full bloom with estate sales dotting the landscape across the United States.

It is also a month filled with more special events than most think of. First Communion, Mother’s Day, college graduations, high school graduations and last, but not least Memorial Day weekend.

Perspective estate sale sellers should be aware of this and should be asking the estate sale companies they are interviewing how they plan to advertise their sale if they are hired.

This isn’t just about putting a sale on an estate sale listing site or in a newspaper, this concerns grabbing the attention of a public that is focused on a variety of events, gets their attention and holds that sale in their minds until the estate sale or event takes place.

Estate sale listing sites require you to go to the site and then once you are their you have many sales to look at. Bringing the focus to your particular sale requires a lot of social media marketing. Tweeting about your progress staging the sale and what you find on a twice weekly basis (minimum), show casing special items of interest on the companies business Facebook page and if they don’t have one ask them why – it is seen by millions, create a Pinterest board for the sale. The company should have a link on their website to each of these pages – Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. They should also have a professional LinkedIn page and don’t forget Google+ and reddit and one other very important advertising function – a company blog.

Estate Sales News has been consulting with some estate sale companies to provide ideas and advertising suggestions.

June is a busy month as well, but that doesn’t mean that sales will fail, only that estate sale companies have to work harder with their advertising to achieve financial success for you and them.

We would encourage perspective sellers to ask the estate sale companies they are working with about SEO work. That term stands for search engine optimization. It’s how they are found on the internet using Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL and others. We’ll be discussing this further in an upcoming article.