Photographs Are An Important Asset To Successful Estate Sales

cameraIn today’s internet world with perspective sellers and buyers having instant access and results to searches for estate sales on the internet taking good photographs which showcase what is included in a sale or event is very important to success.

Estate Sales News reviews numerous liquidation sales daily on various listing sites and many of the photographs we see are not beneficial to the estate liquidator or their sale or event.

Estate Sale Companies along with having knowledge about what items are and are worth, staging know how, selling techniques, and a host of other capabilities also need to know how to take photographs that draw the public to the sale. An estate sale liquidator must wear many hats and be talented to achieve success.

Let’s review a few photographic basics.

An estate sale company should have a good way of taking photos (it can be a simple point and click with built in flash), or tablet (iPad for example) it could also be a smart phone. When going on an appointment for an estate sale if you have any type of lighting equipment or even a clip on light or lamp bring that along. Going prepared is a must. Also bring along a light colored cloth (preferably white) and a dark cloth (black or navy). You never know what kind of backdrop or background you will have available (if any that is usable).

In a hoarder house it is difficult without staging to take good photographs, however, time should be taken to do a quick sort through (on easy to see things) to find a few of the items that will be available and of interest for sale. Create a background that will enhance the item you are photographing. Posting a few good photos with an explanation that as you sort and stage you’ll continue posting more photos. It is better than showing a cluttered mess that appears like the end of a garage sale. Now that estate sale listing sites provide more space for descriptions you can always list many of the items in the sale with “photos to follow as we sort and set-up”. Many estate liquidators have started doing this, however, sadly many just keep posting unflattering photos of piles of clothes, boxes etc.

When you go into a garage, basement, or attic the same approach should be taken. If you really feel that having a photo of large un-staged clutter will attract buyers (a diggers delight some like to call it) then take just one and follow it with a few staged items against a proper backdrop. Be sure to let the buying public know this is before you have started working there.

Buyers pay close attention to photos and nothing can turn a buyer off from pursuing a sale and attending it than poor photography technique.

When you do take photos look to see if the images are sharp. Fuzzy or out of focus photographs do not enhance your future sale.  Watch for glare from the flash or miss placed lighting used. If you’re taking the photo of a mark on porcelain or glass this is particularly important.

Sellers it is always a good practice when you are looking to hire an estate liquidator to look at any current sales they may have posted to see what approach they take to photographing them. Good photography is a key component to attracting buyers and in turn helping to generate a financially successful estate sale.