Sellers Need To Liquidate An Estate? Reducing Your Stress Level

Trust, confidenceIt seems like everywhere you look today, print media or the internet you will find estate sales and for many that represents a stress for the parties needing to sell and buyers looking for bargains.

It is important to remember that an estate liquidation is a process and the estate sale liquidator you choose should help reduce or relieve that stress. However, the job of the estate sale company is to sell the personal contents and possibly (depending on the company and agreement) clean out the premises. It is up to you the seller to choose wisely and then let your professional liquidator do their job.

The stress of losing a loved one difficult and a stressful time for family and heirs, but as a seller(s) let the company you have chosen lessen your burdens of liquidating the personal property.

Buyers, an estate sale is not a garage sale or charitable give away. The estate sale company has a fiduciary relationship with the seller to get the best possible price (just like a Realtor) for the items they are selling. Please remember this is not the Dollar Store. This is the selling of personal property second hand.

Sellers and buyers do your research, please remember that everyone involved wants a pleasant and pleasing experience and keep your perspective about the process.

Somewhere tomorrow estate sales start. Happy shopping.


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