Check Out Time After Shopping At The Estate Sale

antique cash registerThis is always an interesting subject, because depending on what area of the country you are in everyone does it differently.

For example, in central Florida, many (not all) estate sale companies have you enter through the front door and exit through the garage where you will find the cashier(s) table set up usually under a tent with computer and cash register, along with credit card receptors of some sort. Again not all do this, but it seems to be the most favored way. It keeps the flow going through the property and prevents exiting with any unpaid for items.

On that topic we will switch gears for a moment and talk about what you can or cannot take into a sale. In many large metro areas (Orlando being one) most liquidators put out several signs in the front yard letting buyers know that they will not allow large purses or pocket books inside. You lock them in your car, take your keys, glasses (if needed) loop or magnifying glass and that is all. As you select the items you wish to purchase a staff member puts them aside and they will have you exit from the property to return with your bag and wallet. At that point you have finished your shopping. If you wish to return you again lock your purse in the car and start the process again. This is done to help eliminate theft problems. Not everyone uses or needs to use this method.  It is up to the estate sale company as they are responsible for protecting the items for sale. Buyers, please remember the estate liquidator is working for the seller, not for you and as professionals they are keeping their fiduciary with their client.

In other areas of the country, New Jersey, Maryland, Georgia to name a few you often enter and exit the same way, however the cashier is next to the entrance and you may expect to be asked to produce your receipt and have your bag or box checked. Again each estate sale company has their own procedure.

Keeping the flow of people going through the property orderly and protecting the items for sale is the concern of the estate sale company. If you don’t like their policy try another estate sale. They do not need to have your irritation or frustration to distract them from their assignment or cause other shoppers or the estate sale staff discomfort.

Sellers, when choosing your liquidator ask how they handle checkout and remember it depends on where you are located. There is no right or wrong way, it’s what works best for your benefit and theirs.