Estate Sale Work – What Estate Sale Companies Do

DSCN1461On Monday, June 14th we published a video of an interview and quick visual tour of the jammed pack house in Sierra Madre, CA where a four day estate sale will take place starting this Friday, July 18th by Crown City Estate Sales.

In the video the owner of Crown City talked about the preparation and work for this sale.

The heirs of this gentleman spent a year in this home prior to hiring Jackie removing the items that had sentiment and emotional attachment to them. Then they hired Crown City to come and conduct the sale.

This sale will take place in a small house, basement, one car garage and attached building used as an apartment along with a small patio/yard area.

Jackie and Frank spent the first week sorting out and eliminating the trash. The owners did just what we all keep telling them – don’t throw anything out! As the result 45 small dumpsters were required after carefully going through each and every box, closet and cabinet in the house. With such a small house space was premium and nothing that had value was discarded. With over 30 years in the business Jackie and Frank are very careful to not eliminate anything that would have monetary value. It is also a good policy to protect the public from searching through what could be hazardous or dangerous (broken glass, old medications etc.).

After removing unsellable items and trash, the work began in earnest sorting through all the contents left. Multiple collections of various items including arrow heads, butterflies, buttons, art pottery, sterling silver (an 8 foot table is required just for this and the sterling was spread out throughout the house). Careful room by room sorting was done. Jackie, Frank, and their staff had spent 18 days at this property up through last Friday, July 11th when Estate Sales News was there. From early morning until well into the evening they have been working with Jackie even taking home the button collection to bag after a long day in the home. This home does not have air conditioning and the windows do not open. The only source of air was the front and back doors open and portable fans provided by Crown City Estate Sales.  Working in a dusty very warm cramped space takes patience and experience to get through the day.

The work continues this week with displaying as much as possible initially in a very small space as well as pricing. The heirs have done their part by giving Crown City unencumbered access to the property and letting them do the job they hired them to do. Trust between client and liquidator is very important.

Not every property requires such an immense amount of work, but preparing for an estate sale is not an easy task. It requires knowledge, experience, a strong back, and a great staff and very important trust between client and the estate sale company.