Moving Or Downsizing – How To Cope And Have An Estate Sale

Moving truckYour editor here at Estate Sales News just completed another move. To say it isn’t easy would be an understatement, but here are a few tips acquired during the many moves I’ve made and seen others do.

When the time comes to move or downsize take a lined pad of paper with columns for keep, delete or maybe, and start room by room. Look at each item in the room and ask yourself “do I really need or want this?” You will be surprised as you walk around a room and look at different items. Are you keeping them because you “think” they have value, sentimental value, emotional attachment or genuine need. After losing two mothers ten years ago in nine days it wasn’t easy and has been a continuous work in progress, but we have learned what is necessary, what is sentimental attachment and what is emotional. A suggestion is to put the necessary under the keep, and then decide which is the delete. Keep the maybes separate. It isn’t easy to part with a loved one’s items, however, if you are moving to a smaller space or just need to lessen the burden of too many items, decisions must be made. Now is the time to let your mind work in tandem with your heart. Take a deep breath and ask yourself “why”. When you have the answer it will either be a keep or delete.

Once you have completed your list of each room use post it notes or something similar to denote what you are keeping. If you can’t move the items yourself, look for some strong arms to assist you (even if they charge by the hour) and choose a room or two to put the keep items in.

It is now time after this separation to start looking for your professional estate liquidator to come in and determine if they can sell the balance of your items for you. Some may not, but please don’t feel offended. Every estate sale company has different requirements to stay financially sound.

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Remember, once you have made your keep it list, stick to it. Don’t second guess, and don’t let the price of an item you decided to sell make you want it. The object after all was to move and downsize.

It isn’t easy. We have been there and helped hundreds of others as well, but you can do it and succeed and feel better once you have moved on and continued your life’s journey.