Estate Sale Reviews – Why, Who, and When To Disregard

MC900433850Estate Sales News encourages perspective sellers to do their own due diligence on researching and reading reviews about estate sale companies, however, we want to include a caveat. If you find a unfavorable review that has a response from an estate sale company that you are considering using  you should try to speak directly with the owner/manager of the company for their personal response and explanation to any reviews that are questionable. Several websites offer reviews Yelp, YP, Google, BBB, and to name a few. You can also read any testimonials, video or written on estate sale company’s website.

As a buyer you are not running the sale and if you are a reseller you should not tell the estate liquidator they are over priced. They are not working for you. They have a contract as a fiduciary with the owner, heir(s), seller(s), attorney and it is their obligation to seek the highest and best possible price. If you attend a sale as a buyer you have choices:

  • Ask the estate sale liquidator if they are accepting bids.
  • Inquire if they will have a day when prices are reduced (you take your chances that the item(s) will still be there.
  • Leave the sale and move on.

As a buyer you are only representing yourself and it is poor estate sale etiquette to write bad reviews about estate sale companies  you felt overpriced personal property. It is up to the person who employed the estate liquidator to question pricing (if necessary).

As a reminder, estate sale companies can prevent you from shopping at their sales if you become confrontational and if you continually complain about their prices why are you attending? Use your good estate sale etiquette and do not post bad reviews because you disagree on their pricing.  Try other estate sales and companies to shop at. There are 1000’s of estate sales out there and choosing to buy from an estate sale company is your choice.