Estate Sales Friday – Rules of the Road and Hallways

MP900427670Another estate sale Friday begins and so do the rules of the road for driving to and from an estate sale safely and walking through a property along with several others looking to buy items.

Rules of the Road

  • Look at estate sales in your area at least a few days ahead and decide which are the most important to you.
  • Be sure to read the terms and conditions of all the sales and pay close attention to any parking instructions. You don’t want to be towed or ticketed.
  • Decide the one you want to go to first and then look at a map for an over view (Google maps etc.) to see where the other sales you want to attend are.
  • EstateSales.Net now has a feature Route A Sale to assist you with your estate sales route and planning. uses Google maps to assist to a specific sale.
  • When driving to the estate sale do not speed or lose your focus. Arrive safely.
  • Be mindful of other people parking and walking and don’t lose your temper. An estate sale company may not feel inclined to let bad tempers or angry customers in and rightly so. They have enough to handle with crowd control so remember patience isn’t just a virtue.
  • When leaving the sale again remember to watch for those walking and looking for parking spaces.

Rules of the Hallways

  • Most estate sale companies will speak to their audience about the rules of the sale just before opening the door. Pay close attention as they may ask you to follow a specific route inside the property and also where or how you should put the items you are interested in purchasing.
  • Don’t push, shove, or run. It’s a great way to be asked to leave a sale. Both the company and owner of the property are looking out for your safety.
  • If there are items hanging on hallway walls exercise caution and courtesy. You don’t want something to break and possibly be charged for it because of carelessness.
  • We recommend you bring a small flashlight in case the rooms or hallways are not well lit.
  • In some instances they may ask you to wipe your feet or even remove your shoes (that doesn’t happen to often, but if new light colored carpet could).
  • Follow the instructions of the estate sale company staff.

Stay safe, have fun, good luck, and please tell them hello from