Looking For Answers – Estate Sale Companies Keeping Ahead

mahogany secretarymahogany dining rm setThe experienced estate sale company is always looking to increase their knowledge of products, marketing, and what’s selling.

One estate sale company we have visited in California sent us an article from the July Wall Street Journal about why “heirloom” furniture isn’t selling. It is true that what is termed “brown furniture” isn’t selling in many areas. The 1930’s, 1940’s mahogany, Victorian, and Victorian styled furniture is a hard sell. So are many upholstered pieces. as well. It certainly in most cases isn’t bringing in the dollars it did a few years ago, but the estate sale company that is proficient in marketing has a leg up on those that are not using all the marketing tools at their disposal.

In today’s estate sale boom just listing an estate sale, event, or tag sale on estate sale listing sites are not enough. Yes they showcase your photos and send out emails about your upcoming sale to thousands, but your sale isn’t the only one being distributed. There are only so many buyers and there is only so much money that can be spent. Along with the marketing these websites do for you, the estate sale company of today needs to be proactive and have a marketing plan working independently. Using their own Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages is crucial. Here they can standout and really address why and what can be done with items that are not in vogue.

The learned estate sale company isn’t just researching the internet for values, but keeping updated on trends and how to sell the items in their sales.

Show’s like Flea Market Flip can offer ways for the public to buy vintage or second hand items at estate sales and repurpose them. It isn’t  just something to be bought at Flea Markets. Many times their prices can be higher than an estate sale.

More and more estate sale companies have also opened consignment shops to work with furnishings having been at an estate sale that require more time to sell.

Staying informed about the ever changing estate sale market is part of the professional estate liquidators occupation.

Here is the link to the WSJ article.