Estate Sale Frustrations – A Buyers Etiquette Review

MP900385401Wanting to help people liquidate the contents of estates is a profession and can provide a good income. It can also require a lot of asprin and at times a desire to scream.

The majority of estate sale liquidators are professional full time people that work 5-7 days a week and for many they can work up to 30 to 40 days straight.

They require a strong constitution and a strong back. Sorting, (sometimes cleaning and polishing) staging etc. requires muscle.

Knowledge of the items they are selling, how to market the sale require experience and intelligence.

Buyers, a liquidators’ most difficult task is having patience with the few that don’t understand buyer etiquette. Here is a review.

We said it before, but in case you missed it do not tell an estate sale liquidator what something is worth. You are there to buy and here are your choices; buy it now at the price stated, ask if they are taking bids to be reviewed towards the end of the sale or ask if they may discount the item as the sale progresses. Don’t expect them to “give it to you”. It isn’t theirs and if you are that much of an expert, work for an estate liquidator. Please be considerate and don’t say “I’ll give you”. You don’t do that in Macy’s, Nordstrom, Sears, Dillards, Sax, etc. You either pay the price or not. If you have read somewhere about haggling you are not in an overseas market place where haggling is acceptable and anyone that writes about estate sales and encourages this is not correct. More than likely, they have never been an estate liquidator either. You are usually in a privately owned property where the estate sale company is working for the seller. They pay them. If you are rude, a nuisance, or just obnoxious the estate liquidator may ask you to leave AND may bar you from attending any of their sales.

Please remember to bring your manners and best behavior to an estate sale. Courtesy is so important and estate sale companies have so many considerations, that dealing with discourteous people is just too time consuming and you don’t want to lose out on a good buying opportunity. Please and thank you go along way.

For the buyer that is thinking of stealing this may result in you not only being expelled from the sale, but legal authorities being called. If you try to change a price tag – buyer beware you are putting your future buying at risk and estate sale companies will share information about individuals that are security risks.