You Hired An Estate Sale Company – What Will Happen Now? – Part 5

Estate Sale signYesterdays’ discussion you arrived at you decision for an estate sale company. After letting them they are coming back to see you, sign the contract, and start working on your estate sale. Now what should you expect? Let’s list it out.

  1. The dates and times for the estate sale have been chosen and agreed to by the estate sale company and you.
  2. The estate sale liquidator should take a least a few preliminary photos of some of the items for sale and they should be staged, not just in a heap, or boxes. Clearing off an area to photograph these items or a piece of furniture is fairly simple and very important to start generating interest. It’s also the sign of a professional estate liquidator.
  3. Days have also been agreed to allow the estate liquidator to start preparing the sale ( this includes, sorting, possible cleaning or polishing of items in the sale, researching any items of questionable value).
  4. One of the most important tasks that will take place is the advertising of the sale. Listing your estate sale on websites such as EstateSales.Net,, or Some companies list on craigs list, however, this site has become more about freebies and your quality buyers will come from other sources.
  5. Social media work begins. Getting the word out on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, reddit, and Pinterest is vital.
  6. As the sale preparations and staging continues, more and more photos should be added to the various websites including the estate sale companys’ website.
  7. Sellers, please remember after doing your due diligence you have chosen a professional estate sale company, you have explained (prior to signing the estate sale contract) any questions you had about items that might not be included in the sale and also prices. Now that the work has begun do not micromanage the estate sale. To do so defeats the reason you hired the professional estate sale company.
  8. Remember sellers, do not remove any items that you said would be included in the sale. You may be subject to a commission of the price the item would have brought.
  9. This is important for sellers and the estate sale company – sellers the estate sale company knows you are somewhat stressed and concerned, but your being at the sale can make it difficult on all parties involved including buyers. If you must take a peak before the sale begins, wish the liquidator and staff good luck, be available by phone and “leave”. Believe in your choice and trust that you made a good decision.
  10. Ask the estate liquidator to call you at the end of the first day to let you know how the attendance was and how the sale went. They may or may not have an amount to give you. Each estate sale company works differently.

Now it’s time to go out for lunch, take in a movie and let your estate sale company work for you!

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