Cash Short For Christmas – Shop At An Estate Sale, But Not Just To Save Money

presentChristmas is a very stressful time for many families. Parents who have been laid off with children, senior citizens on fixed incomes with grandchildren, siblings, and many others.

We usually suggest shopping at an estate sale to save $$$ and we still do, however, estate sales offer more than that.

If you have limited to little funds take a big step when you walk into an estate sale and ask to see the manager or owner of the estate sale company. Don’t be afraid to let them know you are looking for items of very low cost that can be a token to a family member or child. Most estate liquidators have big hearts and will point out some areas or items that may fall within your budget.

Remember it isn’t the gift, it is the thought and/or love that accompanies it. Estate liquidators have families too and most will understand. Some may have even been in your position a few years ago. Big hearts are everywhere.

Making friends with your local estate sale companies can be helpful throughout the time you are facing financial dilemmas. If you need something to assist your family ask them if they will let you know about any sales that might have what you need. This is not to suggest that they will give it away (remember they are working for a seller), however, the majority of estate liquidators started in this difficult business to help others.

There is one weekend left now before the holidays, so although you may want to hesitate, don’t. Step inside, smile, and talk to your local estate sale company.