Estate Sale Companies Working Through Events and Storms

1951 buickWith the start of the last week of January estate sale companies are busy and contending with several different events.

This coming weekend is the Super Bowl. Estate sale companies that we have spoken with are proceeding with their sales. With the Super Bowl starting later than normal in Arizona this should not affect most of the country. A few west coast liquidators that have sales will be closing in mid-afternoon on Sunday.

Valentine’s Day is on a Saturday, February 14th, but all the liquidators we heard from indicated that this would not impede their sales and some even planned to make the day festive with treats for buyers.

We are grateful to all the estate sale companies that responded to us and shared how they are working with these various events.

The storm affecting the east and mid-Atlantic coast today will have an influence on traveling for staging sales and keeping appointments, but the more important affect will be how well the communities and municipalities clear their local roads of snow to allow for entrance to sales on Thursday and Friday. This is one of the primary reasons that estate sale companies that conduct liquidations in any area where snow or ice may be a consideration should include a paragraph in their contract with sellers clearly stating who is responsible for the plowing and/or shoveling of snow as well as the treatment of walkways and driveways to dissolve and slippery areas.