Estate Sale Dos’ And Dont’s For Buyers On Estate Sale Friday

reviewsYears ago when the estate sale business was a small industry and only visible in newsprint most buyers understood that courtesy, calm, patience, and good manners could go a long way to helping them buy items they sought to purchase.

To those buyers that remember their estate sale etiquette this article is an attempt to encourage all estate sale buyers to keep in step with you and estate sale liquidators nationwide appreciate you and your business.

Since the personal property liquidation industry has soared to over 7,000 companies buyers appear to look at the number of estate sales in their area and many assume they can enter a sale, make inappropriate comments, and make low ball offers.

Remember when entering a property to not push or shove, and please keep your patience while waiting in line.

Estate sale companies do not own the items in the sale. They represent sellers or heirs and have a fiduciary with them to sell the goods at the best possible price. It won’t help you to say “I’ll give you…”.  Please ask if they offer a discount.

Estate liquidators do not need verbal abuse. Cussing, shouting, and constant condescending statements or discussion about pricing is uncalled for. Estate liquidators are knowledgeable and experienced business people.  An estate sale company can and probably will ask you to leave and not return to any of their future sales. This results in you losing your purchase. Estate sale companies communicate with each other about difficult buyers so please, be courteous and don’t risk being turned away from estate sales in your area.

Estate sales should be fun, save you money, and present an opportunity to own items you might not otherwise be able to purchase so as you attend sales this week and every week maintaining estate sale etiquette is beneficial and good public relations for you, the buyer.