Yard Sale Or Estate Sale – What Will Work For You And Why?

Estate Sale signAs we enter the summer season the weekends are filled with signs posted everywhere about either a yard sale or estate sale.

When you are considering what you need take a look at what it is you want to sell, how much there is of it, why you are selling it (that affects price) etc.

If you don’t have that much, it’s just “stuff” or if it won’t sell for much do not call an estate liquidator. In today’s world most experienced liquidators are looking for contents that will be financially beneficial to you and to them. The cost of doing an estate sale for the liquidator has increased significantly over the past few years. See Judy Martin’s article published May 4th, 2015 here on Estate Sales News about the cost of an estate sale.

If you are in doubt contact an experienced professional liquidator and talk to them about what you have, your goal, and the size of your home and it’s contents. They will ask you questions that can help them determine what you should do and if they can be of service.

Yard sales are just that, but an estate sale is a professionally conducted sale of personal property, staged, advertised, researched and priced and involves staff as well as the liquidator.

It’s Wednesday and many estate sales begin tomorrow so get your estate sale kit and route ready and happy shopping.