Judy Martin Taking Care Of You – Advice For Estate Sale Companies & Small Businesses

Judith Martin, ISA CAPPOur guest author Judy Martin, ISA, CAPP, offers good advice for small business and estate sale company owners. Judy is the owner along with her daughter Kate of M & M Sales/The Perfect Thing.

We have all been working so hard this summer. It seems that there is not a moment to review, reassess, and rejuvenate ourselves and our work. But these things are so very important for a successful work life as well as a successful personal life. Our profession is becoming so tight, so many deadlines, so many little jobs to complete to make the big job successful. So many more demanding clients and customers – how do we please all of the players in this drama called estate liquidation. I think I am coming to the answer –

Take care of ourselves physically, spiritually, and intellectually. We each need to take time for our physical well-being. Exercising and I don’t mean moving furniture around, setting up tables, getting on ladders to dig out the attic. I mean focused body movements, whether it is walking, yoga, or cardio – whatever works for you, do it for yourself. It makes you feel better as well helping you to stay strong.

Everyone has their own spiritual process. Maybe a small or big prayer each day, a meditation process, volunteering for a charity of some kind, helping with rescue animals, whatever it might be. Sometimes we need a little more for own wellbeing. But we each need some type of process to help us keep strong emotionally when the public gets a little too much in our faces.

As we all know, we drive a lot – so one of the ways I have begun to work on my own spiritual self is while I am driving. I don’t turn the radio or music on any more. I don’t take calls if they are not important while driving (using a bluetooth). And I calm myself for my days work by reciting a poem, a prayer, listing people I love in my head and being blessedly quiet.

One of the best parts of this job is the knowledge we gain and the knowledge we share. Everyday, and I mean everyday that I am working, I learn something. And most days, I teach someone something. It is the part of the profession that keeps my brain excited and happy. So easy to do, so simple to achieve.

I am trying to handle a lot of issues these days, both business and personal. But I do think I am finding my way though the maze. I took time this summer to spend with some of my family at the beach. It was one of the best things I have done for myself in a long time. I came back refreshed and ready to get on with my work. But more importantly, I came back with the knowledge that I am in charge of my life; in charge of how I react to the things that happen; and in charge of the work I want to do. And knowing this allows me to take better care of my clients and better care of myself.

Good advice from Judy for all small business owners.