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As we start this multiple part series of articles about estate sale listing websites, associations, and societies there are over 14,000 estate sale companies in the United States today and the large majority are honest, ethical, hardworking people that perform an invaluable service to millions of Americans for numerous reasons. On rare occasions an estate sale company will not have the same ethical standards as the majority. To enable you to understand how estate sale listing websites deal with complaints about the few unethical companies we asked them to respond in writing to our question how do you handle this situation so that if you are a seller you can understand the process and what can be done.

We will feature one response from an estate sale listing website today, Wednesday, and Thursday. They will become part of our archives as a resource for you. Estate Sales News thanks each of the owners of the companies that responded; Amanda Smith, Micky McQuade, and Mike Judkins.

Our first response was from

If a consumer has a complaint about any company found on they are encouraged to reach out to us and tell us about it.

By phone: (814) 766-0067

By email:

We find that most of the complaints that we receive at are a result of poor communication and unrealistic expectations. Here are a few examples:

My couch was like new! I paid $4,000 and they gave it away for $300 (8 years old). They were rude when I took “just two little things” out of the sale (2 advertised items… the day before the sale).

While these types of complaints are not things that we act on, we find it important to take the time to listen to the sellers and do what we can to help them better understand the situation.

We do occasionally get a complaint of non-payment. When a seller has not been paid, we request that they send us the following information:

Information about your sale (Company, sale dates, full sale address). The date you were supposed to be paid (according to the contract or agreement). Previous efforts you have made to contact the company for payment.

We immediately follow up with the company to get their side of the story. In most cases, it is a misunderstanding or miscommunication and the issue is resolved quickly. If the company disputes the seller’s allegation of non-payment, or is unable to resolve the issue right away, here is how we proceed:

  1. If the company acknowledges the fact that payment was not made, they are given 15 days to make payment. If they make payment within the 15 days, no further action is taken. If the company does not make payment within the 15 days they will be removed from with no further notice. The company may be re-activated later if they prove payment was made and we have no other complaints of non-payment made against them.
  2. If the company denies the allegation of non-payment, we let the seller know that the company is disputing their allegation. At this point the seller will have to proceed by filing a legal complaint. If the seller proceeds in this manner, we request that they send us any judgements or rulings against the company. If we receive notice of a conviction or judgement related to non-payment, the company will be removed with no further notice.

Note from There are many reasons a seller and company could end up in court. We will not remove a company for a civil judgement related to a contract dispute, unless specifically related to non-payment or fraudulent activity. wrote to and we have not received a reply.

Disclaimer – does not endorse any company in this series of articles. This is presented for your information and as a resource.