Where To Find Estate Sale Companies & What They Require – American Society of Estate Liquidators -ASEL

Today we feature the response from ASEL – The American Society of Estate Liquidators with owner and director Julie Hall. Ms. Hall started her program which includes online education and membership in 2000.


What do you require for a company to do to become a liquidator?

They may take our comprehensive courses or if they already have estate sales experience they can apply for one of three levels of membership we offer.

Do you allow a company to join your association or society without taking courses?

Yes, provided they meet certain criteria. We have comprehensive applications for each one of three levels of membership.

What type of background checks do you perform on a current estate sale company that joins your group?

Applications are reviewed and references are checked.

Do you or a staff member personally speak to past sellers?


If a seller contacts you about an estate sale company that is associated with you what steps do you take?

Listen to the client and document, then contact the liquidator. Listen to the liquidator and document, then recommend a mutually beneficial resolution.

What are you able to do with a company that is found unethical or allegedly committing illegally acts at an estate sale i.e. failure to pay or account etc. ?

It is our policy to terminate the membership of any member that is found to have committed an unethical or illegal act in conjunction with a sale.

Do you charge for membership? We do “not” want to know the amount.