Columbus Day And Estate Sales Share New Worlds Of Discovery


Today we celebrate Columbus discovering the new world and helps consumers discover the every changing new world of estate sales.

The way we use to conduct estate sales has changed dramatically from a hand shake and the wives of estate attorneys and CPA’s that used the local newspaper to advertise their estate sales (and these were the estates of the deceased) to young women and men entrepreneurs that use the internet and social media (some still also use newspapers) to conduct estate sales and estate liquidation businesses.

Instead of hundreds of estate sale companies we now have over 15,000 companies nation wide. helps estate liquidators navigate the changes such growth has brought.

We feature articles and information about state and federal laws pertaining to the sale of ivory, liability insurance, websites where they can advertise their companies and sales with little or no cost (besides using the bigger advertising listing websites that charge), keeping high ethics and standards, and even about the benefits of blogging and tweeting about their sales and companies. Getting your message out to as many consumers as possible today is paramount for success for estate sale companies and their clients. The bottom line – financial results for both parties. is a resource for the buying public too. It isn’t as simple as driving up to a sale that opens at 9AM at 8:45AM and getting in right away. With today’s expansive reach through the internet, social media, email, and newsletters the numbers of people showing up at the first day opening of an estate sale has grown to as many as hundreds. We discuss the different methods used by many companies for entrance (sign up list, numbers, etc.) and of course many companies still rely on a simple orderly line. Companies that have high value merchandise or expect large numbers of people often hire off duty to policemen or other security officers to help keep order and prevent theft. recently featured two weeks of questions to and answers provided by the major websites that advertise estate sales and estate sale companies along with the questions and answers we posed to estate sale societies, associations, and groups. We asked the questions that can help you decide what is of value and importance in choosing your estate sale company.

We discuss a variety of topics that directly relate to estate sales and the estate liquidation business. Need to find an estate sale company? We provide you with a printable list and guidelines to assist you with the process of finding the right estate sale company for you.

You will find information on our website that we acquired over a 25 year period as a working estate liquidator and owning an estate sale company. We discuss estate sale etiquette for buyers and sellers to keep the process running smoothly and without unneeded stress. We provide you with the tools that enable you to traverse the maze of information out on the internet.

Just as Columbus sailed an unchartered ocean in 1492 Estate Sales News assists you to navigate the expansive world that has become estate liquidation whether you are a seller, buyer, or estate sale company.

For estate sale companies we want you to succeed for the benefit of you and your sellers. We want you to be informed, understand how to be an outstanding liquidator. For those new in the business this is vital to success or failure. Your knowledge of what your selling, your market, how to handle different situations, what to do to get your message out to the public (buyers and sellers) effectively using social media is crucial for financial success and a good working relationship.