2015 EstateSalesNews.com Year In Review – Help, Tips, Information

What a year it has been here at EstateSalesNews.com Here is a partial look at the nearly 200 articles that have been published on our front page this year.

In January we reported about advertising including the use of Facebook and SEO (search engine optimization). We also covered winter sports and finding skis, skates, snowboards, and snow shoes at estate sales. We also talked about holding estate sales in the cold, snow, and ice. This December many areas of the country are still waiting for snow while others are almost snow bound.

February we covered several memorable estate sales including one selling a Ford Model A with video, and our article about How To Find Your Estate Sale Company. We featured a liquidation sale with antique and vintage pinball machines and we wrote about several websites where you can advertise your estate sale company with out cost for basic information plus some great throwbacks.

In march we announced through a video a new advertiser, EstateSale.com. We discussed estate sales over Passover and Easter, what was selling at estate sales, having wardrobes before the age of closets, along with the difference between antique, vintage, and retro. We also wrote about what’s driving shoppers to estate sales.

April was an important month with federal law updates, information, and links on the sale of ivory. We encouraged our readers to start their mothers day shopping and as a throwback we remembered Rosie The Riveter. We also reported on what to expect before the estate sale begins.

What is and isn’t important in deciding on an estate sale company was an early May article and one that had a huge audience. We also covered a former Vice President for Disney and children’s designer estate sale and the importance of the Memorial Day weekend and the affect on estate sales. We also covered what was selling at estate sales from coast to coast.

An important topic at the end of June was what does it take to become an estate liquidator. We covered the Highland Park Historical Society Museum liquidation. For buyers we talked about how to buy with success at an estate sale, what you should know before you go.

Our July throwback included vintage and antique postcards, the estate sale of the widow of well known character actor Jack Albertson (Willy Wonka), why estate sales are not garage or yard sales, estate sale staging, how millenials are affecting estate sales with a minimalist outlook, and one of our most important articles helping a loved one with memory disorders to downsize with an estate sale, and finally a throwback of 100 plus years, a second class White Star Line Plate (Titanic vintage) belonging to your editor.

August we reported on unethical or illegal problems with estate sale companies and what you need to know. We discussed getting ready for an estate sale and understanding the process. Why shopping at an estate sale is a great way to place to shop when the stock market is in chaos. What needs to be considered with an estate sale when more than one seller is involved was also a topic of serious interest.

September was a busy month at EstateSalesNews.com. We requested information from estate sale listing websites about how they handle complaints, what can an association, society or other membership offer an estate sale company and basics for what they can offer to assist companies and sellers, and we wrote an editorial on tips for choosing an estate sale company.

October we talked about tips for shopping for Halloween, along with the history of Halloween, retro is making a big come back in cassette tapes and vinyl along with a wonderful video. We also featured throw backs from an old soda fountain, horse drawn carriages, and McCoy cookie jars.

November featured articles from holiday shopping, once pricey heirlooms loosing their value, Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday can include buying online from estate sales, a throwback to vintage stoves, and one of our more important articles of 2015 estate sale etiquette for buyers and sellers during and after the holidays.

December we wrote about pricing items at estate sales isn’t as easy as it appears, estate sale terms and conditions for buyers, vintage turntables and vinyl records are making a strong come back, a reminder of our printable list found at the top tab of the front page of EstateSalesNews.com and our wish for a happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas, and shopping at estate sales for both.

That makes today’s article #174 for 2015. We have only mentioned some the highlights and we hope you will take advantage of our archives that can be found on the front page on the lower left side. Every article that has been published since we started in March 2013 is available. Comments or suggestions can be emailed to us at contact@estatesalesnews.com.