Estate Sale Searching – Who, Where, And How

Almost two years ago actor Lance Bass while on Cupcake Wars announced his new website, Estate Sales News wrote an article about this new concept and up until three weeks ago we had it in our archives. Unfortunately the NSYNC stars’ site was removed months ago and so we decided to remove this article due to the large number of people searching and not finding any viable information.

We value our search engine visibility, but our mission isn’t to collect clicks on Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, or any other search engine. Our goal is to provide you with useful information.

Searching on the internet is always a great way to find information, but you have to consider the sources you come across that offer information including estate sale information.

Many websites offer tips, how to, how to learn about estate sales, and other information prospective sellers may be seeking, but not having real life experience in actually running an estate liquidation business either now or in the past, or simply having attended estate sales does not provide the much needed awareness and understanding that actual experience does.

The information available to sellers isn’t always their best source with the their lack of actual estate sale experience. At we are concerned with sellers, buyers, and estate sale companies and giving them the benefit of having worked in the industry. It is not as easy as it looks.

Here at Estate Sales News we were involved as a liquidator and estate sale company for over 20 plus years. The information we provide is based on our years of experience dealing with sellers, buyers, and advertising from newspapers to utilizing the tools of the internet.

Some advertising websites for estate sales offer information. Offering how to learn about estate sales, tips etc, is a great way to attract the public to their websites to increase their position on search engines, however, it may not be the best way to learn about the estate sale process, business, or the questions to ask and knowledge you need to decide on the best choice for you. with our years of “hands on experience” conducting estate sales and owning an estate sale company was launched to provide sellers with knowledge, resources, and to empower them to make well informed decisions. We do not charge our website subscribers for resources or for providing help. Providing this resource is also for buyers and estate sale companies and most importantly based on experience in the estate liquidation business. We aren’t an estate sale advertising source. We are your source for finding answers, sources, and information. We are happy to answer emails and phone calls with your questions.

Choosing an estate sale company involves trust, knowledge, and the “monetary” results. Getting your information from an experienced estate sales source can directly affect this. At our job is to provide you with the information, not to recommend who to select for your estate sale company, but to assist you with questions and hopefully answer some common questions sellers have before making their estate sale company choice.

Here is a link on our website that provides questions, considerations, and information