Pricing Items At Estate Sales Isn’t As Easy As It Appears

Estate sale companies use many sources to find the information they need to price your contents, but it isn’t as simple as looking up a price on line or in a book.

There are a wide variety of sources to assist estate sale companies when help is needed for pricing the rare, unique, antique, or unknown items. A knowledgeable professional estate liquidator can evaluate the information from these websites applying their years of working with and education through hands on experience to determine how this affects the value of your items.

It can take hours of research to find comparables and make the necessary adjustments.

An estate liquidator has to consider the date of the most recent sale (and possibly adjust for time), where it was sold (prices vary from one area of the country to another), how it was sold, and how similar is it to your item. They also have to take condition of the item sold and your item(s) into consideration. Liquidators also need to consider whether an item sold. Items that have not sold cannot be used except to consider that they did not sell. On occasion they may reach out to a fellow estate liquidator or appraiser for assistance.

Most estate sale companies will discuss with prospective sellers at the time of their interview and presentation how they price. Unless you, as a seller, are an expert or appraiser trust the estate liquidator to price your items. They are professionals working for you and obtaining the highest and best price on any particular day is beneficial to both of you. A seller that micro manages the pricing of their sale may be in for disappointment including the loss of the estate sale company. Trust and confidence is key to everyones’ success.

Here are a few websites that may be of interest.

Collectors Weekly, askArt, and WorthPoint. Estate sale companies have a long list of sites that have specialties, detailed information, sales, along with volumes of useful information. That is why hiring a professional estate sale company is so important.

Books and articles have been written about how to hold your own estate sale, but their main purpose is to make money selling the books, or writing the article or blog that is also a source of income. It takes experience, education, and a good working knowledge of the entire process to be a successful estate liquidator.

So much to consider when you need an estate sale. Be empowered with knowledge to make wise decisions. Here on our website at we have hundreds of articles to help you. We are passionate about estate sales and knowledgeable consumers.