Estate Sales Flourish Over Retail In All Kinds Of Market Trends

Today we celebrate Martin Luther Kings birthday and the stock market is closed. It is a federal holiday.

Retail stores are open, many offering sales, and estate liquidation companies are preparing for another weekend of sales. Estate liquidators have few holidays.

The stock market has been on a roller coaster ride during the first weeks of 2016, but estate liquidation companies report estate sales are flourishing.

Even with torrential rains in parts of the west, snow and cold in the midwest, and severe weather outbreaks in the south and southeast, estate sales are seeing higher numbers of buyers.

Retailers by their nature, have larger floor spaces to work with, but are constricted by their corporate owners, and what their buyers have chosen to offer for sale as well as being limited to pricing the new merchandise to sell in their stores.

Estate sales, however, also offer everything from high end furnishings, clothing, designer items, collectible art, jewelry, antiques, and unique pieces.  A veritable plethora of personal contents from individuals downsizing to entire estates.

With estate sales so popular and the expanding number of estate sale companies across the country it is not unusual to find ten or more sales in your area and in the larger metro areas 25-100 sales may be offered. Your ability to travel to them is all that limits the number of sales available for you to shop for good savings you can’t find in larger retail stores. With the limited amount of time an estate sale company has to sell the contents, you will likely find prices are fair and ready for immediate sale.