Estate Sale of Audiophile in Victoria TX – Music Collection Extraordinaire

Gay Patek, owner of Simplify Your Space is holding an extraordinary audiophile sale starting January 14th through the 16th in Victoria, TX.  Gay has provided us with some background for this sale. Here is a link to her website

The sale is for the father of a client who graduated from St. Joseph’s High School in Victoria, TX in 1953. After attending college and university he went to Michigan State University to get his Doctorate.

Both the husband and wife of this estate loved music and they became friends with a Corpus Christi music store owner who was a lifelong stereo buff that had a massive music collection. The trio added one more music buff, a sound engineer to their group. They would set up sound for music venues, collected, and experienced music together.

The collection includes  100’s of player piano rolls, CDs, LPs, and 1200 reel to reel tapes. Some of the prerecorded reel to reel producers in the collection are Sonotape, Westminster, Bell Canto, London Phase 4, Audio Fidelity, Richmond, Verve World, RCA, Decca, and Capitol to name some.

Gay brought in another music lover with just about the same passion to assess the collection.

In the LP collection are promo albums, stereo demonstration and test albums, Direct to Disc, Japan Imports, and others.

There are also stunt kites included in this estate sale which is attracting great attention.

Here is a brief look at what is included in this unique sale.



To read more about this sale, terms, conditions, etc. click “here”

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