Search Engines For Estate Sales – Google, Bing, What They Do For You


Searching for help with estate sales and the estate liquidation process is challenging.

Google is the main search engine used along with Bing,, Yahoo, and to name some of the better known ones.

Deciding what specifically you want to search for is best when requesting the information. Are you looking for estate sales, estate sale companies, what is an estate sale, learning about the estate sale process, and estate sale contracts are some of the most popular searches. We use Google Analytics to keep us informed on what searches are being conducted.

Google along with the other search engines mentioned, decides your website placement on their front page by the number of clicks or searches requested. The top of a search engine page is reserved for companies paying to advertise their company. You can usually tell by the small “Ad” next to the top of the result, or sometimes you will notice the top company appears on a light, slightly colored background. Google uses both.

Companies pay Google and other search engines to keep their rankings high and obtain more clicks on their website, thereby appearing as the first choice for the topic. The more clicks, the more Google, Bing, and others return the same results.

When searching for your answers to estate sales or the estate liquidation process be sure to review all of the front page companies on these search engines. Each will offer information. Deciding which website offers the most comprehensive information is very important, and can be the greatest benefit to you and the questions you seek answers to.

There are hundreds of websites out there today offering a variety of information and answers to your estate sale questions. We try to provide you with many of those answers to your estate sale questions from learning about estate sales, to setting up the sale, estate sale clean outs etc. here on

We offer wide and diversified information on news worthy estate sales, upcycling, estate sale etiquette, and estate sale education too.

We encourage you to email us if you can’t find the answer or have other questions.