What Estate Sale Companies Consider When Choosing Sales

There are many companies that handle estate sales from high dollar value to lower values while others may have a specific amount they look for in determining whether to accept an estate sale. Every company is different and what they look for and how they arrive at their decisions to accept or reject is based on a variety of factors. Today we look at some basics. Understanding how an estate sale company determines what sales they can or cannot accept is important for both prospective sellers and estate liquidators.

Staffing estate sales is different from what it use to be. So many liquidators now need to keep full time staff employed. Many must be at the constant ready to continually stage, price, and work their sales. Thousands of estate sale companies run a sale almost every weekend with limited time off. The once cottage industry of estate sales are now full time small businesses.

The expenses associated with maintaining some full time staff, advertising costs, supplies, security, and other considerations has many an estate sale company owner acting as a CEO, accountant, marketing expert, along with all the knowledge and experience needed to be a successful estate liquidator. They have to determine their operating budget and what profit would be left when looking at your prospective sale.

When you are interviewing an estate sale company owner inquire what they are looking for in an estate sale and if your contents will work for them. If you really feel they are the company you want to work with and they cannot take your sale you can ask what you could do to improve it (perhaps a higher commission or fee would make it more viable for them). Some companies may be able to accommodate you and others may simply have to refuse. If they do, ask them for a recommendation. Good reputations can lead to referrals.

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