Estate Sale Advertising Is Now Big Business

Estate sale advertising is growing. The number of companies  offering various types of advertising is increasing. Businesses have been created to meet the demand for getting the information out. Some are paid by estate sale companies and some through advertisers.

You have the major estate sale advertising listing websites and they have now included auctions (both online and on site) as well as social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube, Google+, Instagram, email services, and craigslist.

Although most estate sale companies have their own websites, several successful companies utilize a variety social media to get their estate sale information out to the public.

The advertising listing websites offer estate sale companies the opportunity to post hundreds of photos,  a list of items for sale or descriptions, the ability to feature their sales, email notifications to their subscribers, and the ability to search for items. All three charge fees to be listed, some more than others, along with some that offer advice about estate sales, however, this information is based on conversations with liquidators. Their information is not based on their own experience. This was written about in the autumn of 2015 here on Estate Sales News in response to our survey questions. They are advertising sites for estate sale companies and estate sales that are compensated by estate sale companies.

Facebook is a social media outlet that reaches around the globe and enables estate liquidators to target their audience. They can pay to boost their reach and encourages followers. Very successful marketing for thousands of companies.

Twitter permits tweets about estate sales and a photo attached to a tweet depending on the length of the tweet. They also charge if you want to expand your reach.

Pinterest is a website that is free and where estate sale companies can create “pin boards” that showcase their sales. Are you a member? Check out over 45 plus boards, including videos from sales.

Tumblr is another social network and companies can write short blogs called microblogging.

YouTube owned by Google permits you to upload videos and slide shows to showcase estate sales and companies and share them on various sites.

Google+ allows members with gmail accounts to connect with friends and more in what they call circles. Estate Sales News is on Google+.

Instagram is also a social network website where you can do mobile photo-sharing and video-sharing. It is owned by Facebook and very popular for businesses and personal use. It is also free.

Craigslist is also an online forum for everything from housing to items for sale. It is free, however, it is probably the least used website for advertising estate sales.

You can find on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Google+.