Estate Sale Companies Advice For Sellers Before The Sale

Recently, Estate Sales News had the opportunity to discuss with many estate sale companies from across the United States what they would advise sellers before the estate liquidation process begins. The advice we were given from estate sale companies is important for sellers and/or heirs to help make the estate sale successful.

Here are the items they feel strongly about and that are of great importance for both parties.

Don’t throw anything away until an estate liquidator has viewed the contents. You never know what might have value. The only exceptions should be perishable foods, used plastic food containers, medications, income tax or personal papers.

Be sure you leave the property air conditioned whether it is occupied or not. Heat and/or humidity can ruin many items. In the winter, be sure that the heat remains on too. Be sure that electricity to the property is on until the sale is over and the estate sale company has vacated the property.

Please be sure that if any silverware is wrapped in plastic it is removed (causes bad and sometimes irreversible discoloration) and replace it with Pacific cloth or at least a cloth and remove any of it from hot attics.

Do not have any plastic on magazines or books and no shrink wrap or saran wrap. National Geographics and encyclopedias should be kept at the property too.

If there are family photos please take the photos and leave the frames,

Please be sure to leave any cable or internet service on at the house. Selling televisions and computers requires buyers see what they are buying.

Make sure any light bulbs in fixtures or lamps are working.

It is very important to have the water on for the house. Estate sale companies may not offer public restroom facilities, but they do need water for their use, and for any cleaning which may be required. appreciates the contributions of all the estate sale companies that are featured here.