Estate Sale Tips – Homeowners Insurance Needed

Homeowner insurance has always been necessary, but in today’s litigious world it is even more important.

Estate sales are being held by the thousands every weekend across the United States and protecting the homeowner and the estate sale company is necessary.

The large majority of estate sale companies have liability insurance, but that isn’t enough today. If an accident happens on the property whether in probate, foreclosure, just being sold or downsized it needs to have protection of its’ own.

Experienced estate liquidators will ask you (heir, owner, or attorney) if the property is covered by homeowner insurance. An estate sale company will most likely turn down an estate sale unless homeowner insurance coverage exists or is purchased well before the sale.

Although estate liquidators take every precaution to keep their estate sales safe, it is always a possibility for a problem to exist in a property that they are unaware of.

The insurance issue is even more important in the winter season.

It is important that you use an estate sale company that carries their own liability insurance. It is a risky business to use an estate liquidator that does not and this should be one of your seller interview questions. Experienced, knowledgeable estate sale companies will have the coverage.