Celebrates 3 Years Providing Estate Sales Information

It’s been three years since we launched this estate sale website magazine. We want to take a look back at the variety of topics we have covered.

We are also flattered that other websites have been developed to try to provide estate sale information. The difference for you our audience, we were in the estate sale business for 20 plus years. We do not charge you for all the information you find on our website. Others have been websites have been launched that either charge for information or are used to assist another existing website that estate sale companies (that estate sale companies already pay advertising fees for).

We started by discussing what is an estate sale. The definition has changed greatly over the years. We use to call them tag sales, house sales, moving sales, etc. Now for the most part we group them under one banner “estate sales”

When we launched there were about 9,000 estate sale companies. Today the growth continues and we have passed the 16,000 mark.

The information we write about is based on real life experiences. An invaluable resource for all parties. We aren’t using staff, interns, or a marketing companies to write about something they have never done.

We understand the frustrations of sellers, buyers, and estate sale companies. We also appreciate that knowledge is not only an education, but hands on experience. Starting by being a worker bee at an estate sale company (you can still be taking educational courses in estate liquidation) provides you with perspective.

We have dealt with subjects from estate sale contracts (this is a continually evolving topic) to hoarder sales, entrance to the estate sale, social media marketing, estate sale etiquette for buyers and sellers, USPAP (our thanks to appraiser Judith Martin ISA, CAPP), the difference between auctions and estate sales, vintage and fine, estate sale costs (for estate sale companies and sellers), insurance, bonding, working with seniors transitioning (CRTS), clean outs, upcycling and repurposing ( and TrashFindRedsigned by Lela), and the list of topic continues. Well over 700 articles.

Estate Sales News keeps a finger on the pulse of the estate sale industry by speaking to estate sale companies, estate sale sellers, and even estate sale buyers.

We want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for helping us to continue to put our valuable estate sale information from an experienced former estate liquidator. We look forward to the future and to continuing to be your first and number one source for estate sale information.