Waiting For Discounts At Estate Sales May Cost You

Every weekend thousands of estate sales take place across this country and most offer contents priced well below retailers.

Consider that the two day estate sale has now become in many cases a three or four day sale to facilitate selling off the entire contents of the property and allows for discounting at a certain point.

Each estate sale company has a different policy about discounts or price reductions. Most estate sale companies will not offer discounts on day one. The sale is just beginning. Usually by day two they will offer some discount either on all or a part of the contents they are charged with selling. By day three the discounts may become greater. If the estate sale goes into a fourth day the discounts are usually quite significant.

Considering this information, when you see an item you are interested in acquiring, make the purchase. You may be making a mistake if you choose to wait for it to be discounted. The prices of items estate sales are already below what you pay at a retailer. It becomes a gamble to wait on the possibility of a discount, return another day and find the piece you wanted to purchase sold on day one.

If you resell items waiting for a discount may be acceptable. If the purchase is for you consider how you will feel if it sells to someone else who was not concerned with a discount.

It is also not unusual that some merchandise may not have much of a discount or any if the seller has placed a reserve on the item. On very high end items the seller may have instructed the estate sale company to not reduce or limit the amount of reduction and either keep the item or possibly have the estate sale company send it to auction.

Many estate sale companies post their discount policy either online, at the sale or both so be sure to look for it. Don’t lose items waiting on reductions. You’re gambling and the odds are not is your favor.